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If you are a non resident landlord or property investor, or you have just become non resident and have rental income from UK property, call us to discuss your tax compliance duties and a quick quote to file your Self Assessment Tax Return.  

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Non resident landlord scheme


Under the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme, individuals and businesses that own property in the UK but do not have a primary residence or permanent establishment are subject to tax and reporting compliance. Rental income earned from properties in the United Kingdom, whether used for residential or commercial purposes, is subject to income tax in the UK. The landlord’s structure determines the tax on this income—whether they are an individual or a company—as well as whether the letting agency has deducted its tax. With new rules, it can be tricky to accurately disclose and accurately report to HMRC rental income or property sale profits. If you are a non-resident landlord and wish to disclose income or gains to HMRC, you can email us, and our specialist tax accountants will take care of your compliance.

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As an employee, you pay income tax and employee national insurance contribution. Your employer will pay employers national contribution on your behalf.

Tax deduction from your employment wages is dependent on certain factors and HMRC will adjust your tax code accordingly. If you are paying more tax than normal, you should contact HMRC about your tax calculation and find out what information they have, which may need to be updated.

You can only get national insurance refunded if there is an over payment. Other than that National Insurance collected is for benefits provided to you such as health and security. You can get National Insurance refunded if you are over pensionable age.

If you have multiple employments or your salary is more than £100,000 or you have any other income you must file tax return and pay any outstanding tax.

In normal circumstances, HMRC will open an inquiry about unpaid tax. If your employer is bankrupt, HMRC may come back to you to recover any outstanding taxes.

It is illegal to pay below minimum wage. If your employer is not paying you minimum wage, you can ask your employer to pay you the minimum wage for the past employment. If you are unsuccessful in recovering your wages, you must call DWP and report your employer.

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